Desktop Hardware

      Memory, hard drive, video card/GPU, CD/DVD-ROM, fan replacement
      Power supply replacement
      Processor/CPU and replacement
      Motherboard replacement
      Any other repairs or upgrades


        Laptop Hardware

        Memory, Hard drive, CD/DVD-ROM, Fan replacement
        Power connection re-soldering or replacement
        Processor/CPU, Video card/GPU, Motherboard replacement
        Any other repairs or upgrades



        Operating System Install/Migration (Windows)
        Software installation
        $20 per program
        Priority/Same day service
        Device/Peripheral driver install and configuration
        (Tablet, Camera, Joystick, and more)
        System restoration with manufacture software


        Virus Removal

        No technician or software can guarantee the complete removal of a virus once it has successfully infiltrated your computer. Preventative measures such as antivirus programs, network firewalls, email protections and responsible web surfing are heavily emphasized due to the difficulty in removing certain viruses. Most antivirus/malware programs work best when installed before any other programs to correctly analyze the changes the virus may have made. Although some viruses and malware can be removed after infiltration, we recommend a complete hard drive formatting and re-installation of all software. Then we scrub your important data from the infection as it is put back onto the new operating system.
        Software virus/malware removal
        Complete virus/malware removal
        (Backup of hard drive onto included flash drive, Re-install operating system, Install up to date hardware drivers, Install antivirus/malware,  Re-install up to 3 programs)


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